What pranks would you pull if you were a ghost?

Seeing as I don’t believe in ghosts as per se, this takes a bit of qualification.  What Xandra and I have agreed on, is that being a ghost consists of being invisible and being able to pass through walls / objects and yet retain that ability to move objects around.  I’m also going to go with immortality – or infinite existence – or whatever it is that ghosts get where they don’t go away. With that said…

I’ve thought about this long and hard…

I would travel the world looking for people who are making home movies or filming some random event and I would make really freaky accidents happen, like make a big inflatable pool rip open and dump all the people on the lawn when the big guy gets in, or throw a cat out a window to make it look like they were following a laser pointer, or make dump stunts teens do go really really bad, and then I would see how many of “my” videos I can get on AFV.  I would keep score and challenge all my ghost buddies to try and beet my score… and I would win!

Answer: Rule AFV

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