How to get teens to do chores… quickly

This is not a question that my daughters have asked me, but it is a conversation we have had many times. In fact they have said, “I HATE THAT YOU’RE SO GOOD WITH TECHNOLOGY!!!”

ChoresI don’t know about you, but getting teens to do reasonable work around the house is difficult. There are so many distractions and different forms of instant communication that directing and redirecting and reminding and harping and yelling to get your teen to do one load of dishes or fold one load of laundry seems like more work than doing it yourself.

There is a solution

Grab a piece of paper and make a list  that looks like this:

Wash Dishes

1 Load of Laundry

Make Dad cookies




Now consult your internet modem instructions to change your wifi password:

Cisco or Linksys:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the techy stuff. This is worth learning if you don’t already know how to do it. I recommend using “WPA-Personal” when you get the chance to choose what kind of password you want.

If you are not good at picking passwords, try this handy tool: Semi-Secure Password Generator – don’t forget to copy the password somewhere so you won’t forget it.

The result is that you have just turned off 95% of whatever was distracting them and taken away most of what they want to do. So now they will be motivated to get the work done and won’t be distracted doing it. When they have checked off what you have asked them to do, you can give them the new wifi password.

Gotcha… You may need to scan your available wifi networks to see if you have neighbors with unprotected wifi access and ask them to put on a password… Tell them you saw a creepy guy in front of their house in a car with a laptop on their lap… usually does the trick.

Another Gotha… in my house no wifi access means hand in all data capable phones… those kids are sneaky.

Pro Tip… change the wifi password when you say “go to bed” to get kids to actually fall asleep faster.

Pro tip… If you have a router that has guest wifi access, change the name (ssid) of guest to “kids” and change the name (ssid) of the regular wifi account to “parents only-hahaha” and you can keep your devices connected while “motivating” your children… its a win-win.

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