Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

I asked her for some of her favorite questions and this is the first one?!? Going Deep to start…

OK, so this all depends on your view of creation. The first point that I always try and make is that the Bible was never intended to be an authority on science. I personally believe that the Bible is crazy accurate when it comes to references about science (check out what the Bible says about singing stars in Job, the oldest written book in the Bible, and when scientist discovered that stars ‘sing’ in modern times), but it does not go into the how or why at all.  For instance Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine, walked through walls and ‘ascended’ into heaven. This, in my opinion, is not mystic behavior, but rather a demonstration of God’s control of dimensions that we can’t even comprehend (the phase of atoms, elemental properties, etc.). But the Bible doesn’t reference anywhere ‘how’ he did it.  You can speculate all you want, but it will take a lab and particle accelerators and scientists to guess at that stuff.

With that said, we have no real clue how God made us, the Bible just says that He did, and creation can’t be observed any more than evolution can, so neither qualify as ‘scientific’ discussions. The only clue we have at all about how God might have operated is that he put man to sleep, took a rib and then made woman. So if God likes to work in patterns (which is debatable) then He very likely could have used a directed evolutionary process to take a monkey and then make and ape, and then take and ape and make a man, or something like that.  If He did that, then he could have used birth as a decent place to make His various vertebrate iterations and so Adam may have had a belly button.  Eve is a complete and total guess, because she seems to have been a unique creation with a rib (marrow, undifferentiated stem cells, DNA mapping, etc), but was not born of another woman, so I’m going with “No” for Eve.

Final Answer: Yes for Adam, No for Eve

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